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First English Cocker Spaniel, black tan FAKT z Doliny Gdańskiej Issyarrive to my home in 1982. The breed was than in the peak of popularity, so
even for a nice dog was dificult to break through very strong competition. Despite this, Tulik (that was his home name which give him my daughter becaouse of
his very gentel character) was very succesful and encouraged me to cynology so much that


I become a judge.
More in the "judge" page

Above all I still have this wonderful and beautiful dogs.

Another spaniel, after Tulik wasHOBBIT z Klubu Miłośników Tolkiena, he was following his
father's foot steps. He was in very unique chocolate colour, and to not lost this colour from my
kennel ...

I import from Germany black follower of chocolate lines for Hobbit's daughter -TORRO vom Heidebusch. The decision proved to be very accurate, and outstanding dog which he proved winning in european rings and getting titels like International Champion, Polish Champion, Finish Champion,
Lithuanian Champion, twice Polish Club Winner - that was an unforgettable experience.
At the same time Torro give outstanding offspring, which confirm his quality.

And than I fell in love of white gold female Petula de La Coguiniere in France on the show in Pontoise.
One year later come to us her white gold daughter, now Jr.Pl.Ch, Pl.Ch "R" Du TEMPS De La Coguiniere and that start a great friendship with Marie- Claude Felicite owner of the "La Coguiniere" kennel.

Within the framework of friendly relations I import black TOP MODELE De La Coguiniere how nicely said Mari - Claude
she is for "Torro". Both females were after english dogs with excellent english lines.
Model now is Jr.Pl.Ch., Pl.Ch., she is very succesful but also great company for our family.

And the youngest one VALMONT Des Terres Froides, gold " french", the first gold in the family,
with an extremely titled ancestors - grandson of Cruft BIS 1996 CH. Canigou Combrai.



We adpoted to our family 3 years old Jr.Ch.Pl., Ch.Pl., KING of SWING Sambalu.He have sweet character and he is black and tan colour which took me the most as this
colour have my first spaniel Tulik. He come to us as his first owner was not convinced
to this wonderful breed. Swing pays us the adoption with his big heart and we all feel happy with him.

The youngest in the family, from my own breeding we keept a female MORE THAN BEAUTY Ricci Club, a daughter of our champion R Du Temps de la Coguiniere and Lindridge la Chance.



Thats all from my family history. I hope this history will continue to write as love to this breed is the last love in my live which is giving a lot of satisfaction!.
We invite everyone to try, maby they will love it the same as we.



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